Results from 24 Hour Challenge 2019

In summary…

Over 107 signed up human contestants and a few random dogs…
59 people and 1 dog did 3 laps or more (half marathon).
30 people did 5 laps or more (full marathon)
24 people did 6 laps or more (50km with 3450m of vert).
10 people managed 10 laps or more
7 people managed 12 laps or more (100km with nearly 7000m vert)
4 people did 15 laps or more (just a ridiculously long way but still not quite Everest – Oops!)
1 idiot equalled Chris Bisley’s world record of 17 laps.

Congratulations to…
Adam Keen for first man
Sharon Lequeax first woman – 15 laps and first title defender!
Stella top dog – 4 laps

Results from Longest Shortest Day 2019

LSD results.jpg

Results from 2018

Officially the final unofficial RESULTS … (organisers take no responsibility for lack of organisation).
In summary…
Over 80 mammals and 1 sandfly signed up.
34 mammals did 5 laps or more. That’s a marathon with over 2800m of vert.
33 hung on for at least 6 laps to get over 50km and about 3420m of vert.
15 brave people managed 10 laps or more (double marathon and 5600m vert)
7 idiots survived 12 laps or more (over 100km and around 7000m vert).
First man – Chris Bisley, 17 laps, 145km, nearly 10000m vert.
First woman – Sharon Lequeux, 12 laps.
First dog – Scruffy, 7 laps (Kat Lilly).
First unborn child – carried by Anna Frost, 2 laps.
All of the above are new WORLD RECORDS!!!! Congratulations!

2018 results

Results from 2017.

“Organisers” take no responsibility for poor record keeping.

ctc results 2017


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