Season of Suffering Series

Brexit… Trump… climate change… it’s quite clear we are a planet in crisis. And the best way to deal with a crisis you can’t control is to find a crisis you can control… sort of.

The Season of Suffering Series puts you in control of your suffering. For four weeks you can completely ignore refugee crises, extreme climactic events and waterway destruction and focus entirely on your own pain.. This is a form of mindfulness like no other.C2jX5erXcAE_eAS

The 2019 Season of Suffering begins with the Bluff Hill 24 hour fun run starting on May 25 followed by the Mt Difficulty Ascent on June 8 followed by the Crush the Cargill Longest Shortest Day beginning on June 21.

Here’s a way to suffer that puts you in the drivers seat. For four weeks you won’t need to let off your pent up frustrations by ranting on Twitter or commenting on Stuff articles. For four weeks you will have more to worry about than the number of likes on your latest breakfast post.

And there will be a trophy!

It won’t be a great trophy but of course anyone with a desire to suffer this much will only appreciate a trophy that brings its own form of pain.

So if you want to take control of your suffering organise your winter weekends around these events.

Bluff Hill 24 hour fun run

Mt Difficulty Ascent

Crush the Cargill Longest Shortest Day

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