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Welcome to the hub of kiwi trail running – be part of the action!

Recognised throughout the world as the toughest, highest, longest 24 hour race since Pheidippides didn’t exist, since Adam wasn’t a boy and since bread was sliced.

You probably haven’t got what it takes!

Here’s what people have said,

”the race that eats its young.”

”the worlds toughest foot race.”

“The hardest and most competitive ultra in the world.”

”not for wimps or toenails.”

“You don’t race it, you survive it.”

”home to some of the sport’s most stirring and legendary competitions, and has spurred the capacity of spirit of all runners, of all abilities and from all walks of life, from all over the globe.”

“it will be an experience you will remember and talk about for the rest of your life!”

“New Zealand’s most prestigious trail ultra!”

“less finishers than the Barkley Marathons!”

“the jewel of New Zealand’s mountain running calendar!”

”a truly gruelling adventure through a mythical landscape in one of the worlds most inhospitable environments.”

“challenging the body & mind – physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually whilst absorbing you in some of the worlds most magical natural places.”

“You’ll  be hot, you’ll be cold, you’ll get wet and have little time to sleep. It could even snow. You may not finish.”

“NZs premium trail running oddcast.”

“the holy grail race for serious distance runners.”

”an extraordinary race for extraordinary people in an extraordinary place.”

“Είναι ένας από πλέον δύσκολους αγώνες υπεραποστάσεων παγκοσμίως και παράλληλα πολύ μεγάλου ενδιαφέροντος λόγω του ιστορικού του υπόβαθρου.”

“it’s the South Park of trail running events.”

We have all the best superlatives.

Crush the Cargill 2022 will begin Saturday, November 19th, at 10am.